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I'm a toy maker, I make custom toys for people and sometimes I make little photo comics with the toys I've made and collected

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Posted by wakeangel2001 - August 7th, 2020

I was just thinking about that Transformers/MLP crossover, and I realized that just like in the Star Trek Transformers crossover my boy Powerglide was basically replaced by Windblade again. I want to reiterate, I LOVE Windblade, I voted for a female autobot that turned into a jet for the fan poll so she's everything I wanted, but the one thing I didn't vote for was her color, I wanted her to be blue but the poll went with red. Making her a red jet steps on Powerglide's toes, now we can't have both of them appear at the same time because it's two red planes and would feel redundant. It's a real shame because Powerglide would have been a perfect fit for this crossover, he's a relatively small autobot so he could interact with the little ponies on their level instead of being building sized, plus he has a character archetype that would fit so well in that world. Powerglide is kind of a tough guy who is actually much more sensitive deep down, and who lacks raw power but makes up for it with superior technique and flying skills. I would have loved to see this guy interact with some MLP Dragons, possibly getting them to work with the wonderbolts or leading them in a dog fight with Starscream and the Seekers. Can you imagine it? The seekers flying around attacking Ponyville, when all of a sudden Powerglide comes flying in with a squadron of DRAGONS breathing fire all over the place? Oh well, I guess that's for the alternate timeline where Windblade was a different color and Poweglide wasn't overshadowed because of it.


Posted by wakeangel2001 - August 4th, 2020

After the last windows update movie maker totally stopped working, even if I downloaded it again it would only crash upon opening, I guess Windows put a bug into the last update to force people to stop using the old program, and the new one is pretty much useless for my purposes. I tried downloading another free video editing program, "Openshot Video Editor," but it doesn't have any option to record audio so I can't narrate, and the audio recording software that windows comes with is terrible, it has no option to alter the mic settings so everything is really loud and echo-y. Does anyone know of a free video editing program I can get that works like Windows Movie Maker 6? Or at least audio recording software that would allow me to adjust my microphone settings so I don't sound like I'm yelling in my bathroom.