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Posted by wakeangel2001 - 2 weeks ago

I always thought Sega missed out on a big opportunity by not making any real merch of the avatar character from Sonic Forces, though it would be a bit of a logistical problem to try and make an action figure line centered around it (I was thinking an easy to dismantle figure, not unlike a mega construx mini, where you could buy blind bags or upgrade kits with other costume elements, but it could be a hard sell especially considering how many permutations you would have just for the face alone) but I just realized there is a much easier way to get that custom Sonic character on physical merch for the masses, custom printing! The store I work at does custom printed items, (shirts, sweaters, tote bags) that can be made in about 15 minutes at a cost of $30 (for a t-shirt or tote, sweaters costs more but only because they're sweaters) and I know you can also add custom prints to things like mugs, water bottles, and tons of other stuff. Why not use a version of the avatar creator to let people make their own avatar, choose from a series of stock poses, and print it onto shirts and stuff that they could sell from the sega shop? This would be so easy to implement, heck I'm pretty sure deviantart provides a service like this...

Posted by wakeangel2001 - December 30th, 2020

Hey everyone, Wakeangel2001 the nitpicking fan boy here! There are a lot of problems with Wonder Woman 1984 but I have an issue with the opening scene where little kid Diana is competing in some kind of Olympic triathlon event thing. She falls off her horse, uses a slide to catch up to it and gets back on, and right before she wins she gets pulled away and chastised for cheating because of the short cut. She DID NOT cheat and DID NOT take a short cut, when she fell off the horse it kept running on the path, she merely caught up to it and completed the race. The horse ran at the same speed along the same course it was supposed to, that isn't a short cut! Of course she still lost because she missed a checkpoint, but that would be a disqualification, not a cheat, know the difference! The lesson would have still worked to, let her throw the javelin but be revealed that her ribbon wasn't as long as the others, so she gets disqualified and the lesson is about not doing a sloppy job or something, "just because you crossed the finish line first doesn't mean you did what it takes to be the best" or something like that, then it would tie in with Maxwell Lord's storyline about trying to wish for everything he wants instead of actually being a good business man.


Posted by wakeangel2001 - December 1st, 2020

I've been seeing a lot of news about the new Xbox and Playstation consoles getting bought up by 'bots so scalpers can resell them at extortion level price mark ups, and Sony and Microsoft don't seem to be doing anything to stop it. At first I thought they might not have any incentive to, after all, no matter who buys the console they still get their money, why would they care if it got in the hands of a scummy scalper or an actual fan? Well there IS one way we can affect their bottom line and MAKE them care. You see, the scalpers are only buying the consoles so they can resell them, that means they aren't buying games or accessories, which is where most of the profit goes in the gaming industry. So it's simple, if we all agree collectively to refuse to buy from scalpers we won't need to buy games or accessories for them, and when Sony and Microsoft see that their consoles are sold out yet they haven't sold any software for them that could force them to come up with a way to prevent scalpers from buying all their stock (seriously is it THAT hard to implement a capcha or something?)

Posted by wakeangel2001 - August 7th, 2020

I was just thinking about that Transformers/MLP crossover, and I realized that just like in the Star Trek Transformers crossover my boy Powerglide was basically replaced by Windblade again. I want to reiterate, I LOVE Windblade, I voted for a female autobot that turned into a jet for the fan poll so she's everything I wanted, but the one thing I didn't vote for was her color, I wanted her to be blue but the poll went with red. Making her a red jet steps on Powerglide's toes, now we can't have both of them appear at the same time because it's two red planes and would feel redundant. It's a real shame because Powerglide would have been a perfect fit for this crossover, he's a relatively small autobot so he could interact with the little ponies on their level instead of being building sized, plus he has a character archetype that would fit so well in that world. Powerglide is kind of a tough guy who is actually much more sensitive deep down, and who lacks raw power but makes up for it with superior technique and flying skills. I would have loved to see this guy interact with some MLP Dragons, possibly getting them to work with the wonderbolts or leading them in a dog fight with Starscream and the Seekers. Can you imagine it? The seekers flying around attacking Ponyville, when all of a sudden Powerglide comes flying in with a squadron of DRAGONS breathing fire all over the place? Oh well, I guess that's for the alternate timeline where Windblade was a different color and Poweglide wasn't overshadowed because of it.


Posted by wakeangel2001 - August 4th, 2020

After the last windows update movie maker totally stopped working, even if I downloaded it again it would only crash upon opening, I guess Windows put a bug into the last update to force people to stop using the old program, and the new one is pretty much useless for my purposes. I tried downloading another free video editing program, "Openshot Video Editor," but it doesn't have any option to record audio so I can't narrate, and the audio recording software that windows comes with is terrible, it has no option to alter the mic settings so everything is really loud and echo-y. Does anyone know of a free video editing program I can get that works like Windows Movie Maker 6? Or at least audio recording software that would allow me to adjust my microphone settings so I don't sound like I'm yelling in my bathroom.