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How Sega can easily monetize the Forces Avatar

Posted by wakeangel2001 - 2 weeks ago

I always thought Sega missed out on a big opportunity by not making any real merch of the avatar character from Sonic Forces, though it would be a bit of a logistical problem to try and make an action figure line centered around it (I was thinking an easy to dismantle figure, not unlike a mega construx mini, where you could buy blind bags or upgrade kits with other costume elements, but it could be a hard sell especially considering how many permutations you would have just for the face alone) but I just realized there is a much easier way to get that custom Sonic character on physical merch for the masses, custom printing! The store I work at does custom printed items, (shirts, sweaters, tote bags) that can be made in about 15 minutes at a cost of $30 (for a t-shirt or tote, sweaters costs more but only because they're sweaters) and I know you can also add custom prints to things like mugs, water bottles, and tons of other stuff. Why not use a version of the avatar creator to let people make their own avatar, choose from a series of stock poses, and print it onto shirts and stuff that they could sell from the sega shop? This would be so easy to implement, heck I'm pretty sure deviantart provides a service like this...

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This.. isn't much of a bad idea, actually! In fact, I'm sold! Especially the last part.
I see the first part (Easy to dismantle) would work better for, well, a kids audience, and the last part could work for, well, MORE than kids, actually!
I wonder if this is pitch-able to SEGA, because in my opinion, I'd place it on my wishlist.